Donut Grow Up | Norah's First Birthday Party

This last weekend we had birthday brunch for Norah and the theme was DONUTS! We celebrated with some friends and family at our home. The morning was filled with lots of food, fun, and sprinkles!

I had a blast getting ready for this party! Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find some really great recipes! The spread included a mimosa bar, breakfast sandwiches, cheesy hash browns, fruit, and of course we had local gourmet donuts from a place called Sprinkles.

Some of the donut flavors we had were maple bacon, sprinkles, fruity pebbles, cookie dough, cookies & cream, maple nut, and vanilla drizzle. It was so fun to try some new donut flavors! Honestly, I think the fruity pebbles and cookies & cream donuts were the biggest hits!

And then, it came time to do Norah's smash cake. We all gathered around her and sang happy birthday. This went well. In fact, she kind of danced in her seat as we sang. But as soon as I put the cake down in front of her she started to cry! I could not get her to be interested in this cake no matter what I tried! Who gets offended by cake?! Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


I can't believe how quickly that year flew by!

Her birthday this year fell on a Tuesday, and on Tuesdays my day starts at 5 am. It was almost exactly the same routine that morning on her birth day. I got up around 5 am, got ready, had a small breakfast, and we headed to the hospital around 6 to be induced. I stood looking in the mirror, thinking back to exactly a year ago: a very pregnant me. Anticipation of what the day would look like and what SHE would look like. Would the day go smoothly? Would she be healthy? Would I be healthy? How bad is this going to hurt?! I remember it so well. Her birth day ended up being incredible (you can read about it here).

This year has come with its challenges, but overall it has been great. Norah brings so much laughter into our home and I absolutely love watching her grow. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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