Norah | twelve months

AGE: 12 months

HEIGHT: 31 inches

WEIGHT: 21 lbs

CLOTHING SIZE: 12 month clothing

UPDATE: This little goober is officially one. She has definitely found her own personality - she's a spicy one. She isn't walking yet. It's not so much a matter of skill, but of confidence. She has taken a few steps but then sits back down. She is so close! She has picked up a lot of the sign language we have taught her which has been helpful! Norah is a good eater. She will eat anything we put in front of her and wont stop until we take it away. We are working our way through some separation anxiety stuff right now. She doesn't like when I drop her off in childcare or with a babysitter, but we are just going to work our way through it! Overall, she's a good little girl. Good eater, good sleeper, loves her big brother, loves to dance, and finds just about everything funny. She's a little ray of sunshine - except for when she's not ;)

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