2017 Christmas Letter


I hope this letter finds you well! We had a busy year with quite a few ups and downs! As I sit and reflect, there were a lot of lessons learned and a lot of healing that took place. This wasn't the easiest of years, but overall we count it a blessing!

In march, Brenton was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He had surgery to remove his thyroid as well as 28 lymph nodes on the right side of his neck. He then had to do radioactive iodine treatment to kill the remaining cancer in his body. We struggled for a while to get his medication right after this and he battled through some anxiety, but he is finally in a good place again! Praise Jesus! He has been hunting a lot this fall, which he absolutely loves. He is still waiting on the big buck. Work is going really well. He is still with Farm Bureau.

We traveled a lot this year! In April, Brenton and I went on a Caribbean cruise with his work. This was a much needed get away right after the cancer diagnosis! In June, we traveled with the whole family to Maine. My aunt owns a cabin there so this was a nice, slow paced vacation! In July, we took Isaiah to Disneyland with Brenton's company. My brother lives in California so we got to see him as well. My mom also decided to join us for part of this trip which was a blast! At the end of July, Brenton went to Canada for a fishing trip and in August I went to Waco for a girls weekend!

I started the year off a little rocky as well. After having Norah in November 2016, I struggled with postpartum depression. It took a while for that fog to clear. I was able to focus on fitness and getting in shape for our cruise in April. This inspired my entire year and encouraged my weight loss journey! In October, I ran my first half marathon! I'm still a stay-at-home mom and I love it. I have decided to set my graphic design career aside and focus on my kids. I'm actually really excited and relieved by this decision. I'm ready for what 2018 has for me!

Isaiah is quickly approaching 3. He is a sweet, sweet boy who loves tractors, robots, and PJ Masks. He is very aware of his surroundings and asks a lot of questions. It's so fun watching him grow!

Norah just turned 1 in November! She loves music and loves to dance. She has picked up a lot of the sign language we have taught her and will eat just about anything. Norah can be incredibly sweet and just as spicy. She is just about to start walking and is saying a few words. She is our little bug.

We are excited to start another year and we welcome it with open arms! We feel so grateful for our friends and family that gathered around us during the tough times this year and who celebrated with us during the good times. Now, more than ever, we know the value of community and that God designed us for it. But we are most grateful for the love of our Savior, Jesus. It's the reason we celebrate this time of year!

So, Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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