Leo + Joelle | Playa Del Carmen Wedding

Brenton and I had the chance to travel to Playa Del Carmen and celebrate with one of my friends from childhood as she got married!

Joelle and I met the summer before kindergarten and have many, many memories in our 20+ year friendship. I was so glad we were able to be there as her and Leo created a very special and important new memory!

We flew in around dinner time on a Wednesday. As soon as we got checked in, we dropped our luggage off and were on a mission to find food! They had incredible sushi at this resort. We payed that restaurant a visit a couple of times during our short stay! After dinner, we met up with everyone at the Gin Bar. This place was cool. We ordered our gin and tonics and then added whatever bitters you wanted. So mine was a grapefruit gin and tonic with lavender bitters. Yum.

Thursday we went on a boat ride with everyone that was there for the wedding. On the way to our snorkel spot we got totally soaked by the big waves. Once everyone was done snorkeling they prepared a fresh meal for us, including the fish they caught off the back of the boat on our way to snorkel. They had some entertainment for us on our way back and it was a much slower paced ride.

Friday was the wedding day. We had the morning to relax by the pool and the wedding was in the mid afternoon. It was on a beautiful sky deck overlooking the pool and the beach. Joelle looked absolutely stunning and their vows were so beautifully written to one another. The reception was a blast and dancing with my friends from high school brought back some fun show choir and dance memories!

Saturday was our last day in Playa Del Carmen. We took full advantage and were on the beach all. day. long. We headed home in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday and got home to our babies in the afternoon. It was a fun, quick, getaway!

Congrats Leo + Joelle!

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  1. This is such a lovely wedding. I haven’t seen any stylish wedding ever. So pleased to take a look at these photos. It is so fun time for us as well because we are going to have the bohemian themed ceremony that I would like to have at one of the beachside New York venues.


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