Edinburgh, Scotland | 2018

After about 5 days in London, we parted ways with the company and caught a train at King's Cross Station to Edinburgh, Scotland. This was another highlight of the trip. I have never been on a train before, so that was a really cool experience. It was relaxing to put headphones on and take in the countryside. 4 hours later, we pulled into Edinburgh.

I think we fell in love with the city as soon as we stepped off the train. It is so charming. And unfortunately, we only had 2 full days there.

Once we checked into our hotel and got rid of the luggage, we found a tiny pub and walked the city as the sun set.

Our first full day in the city we decided to tour the Edinburgh Castle. But before we headed there, we wanted to grab lunch. Just off of the Royal Mile (a street full of shops and restaurants that links the Holyrood Palace and the Edinburgh Castle) is a street called Victoria Street. If you are a Harry Potter fan, Victoria Street is that street that inspired Diagon Alley. JK Rolling wrote a couple of the HP books in Edinburgh and a lot of the inspiration comes from the city.

After lunch, we headed to the Castle for a tour. Not only is the Castle magnificent, but it gives an incredible view of the city as well. The tour guide gave us so much information, I could go on and on, so I will just share a few things we learned:
  1. St. Margaret's Chapel is in the Castle and it is thee oldest building in Edinburgh, built in 1130. 
  2. The Stone of Destiny, located with the Crown Jewels, is a giant rock that the first King of Scotland (and every king after) was crowned on. Since then, it has also been used for coronations for monarchs of England and Great Britain. They leave it on display in the Castle but will bring it to Westminster Abbey and slide it under the thrown for new coronations.
  3. There is a recreation of the prison that the prisoners of war would have stayed in. Once you walk through the rooms they have additional artifacts from the original prisons. Some of these artifacts include the cell doors, and in them are carvings of names of some of the famous prisoners.
Our last day in Edinburgh we shopped around, met some sweet locals, had good coffee, and soaked in the last day of vacation with no agenda. We highly recommend visiting Edinburgh and the surrounding towns!

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