London, England | 2018

Recently we had the opportunity to travel with Brenton's company to London. We left on an overnight, 8 hour flight. We did our best to sleep the majority of the flight as to avoid jet lag. Once we landed in London, we had about a 45 minute drive from the airport to our hotel: the Grosvenor House. The hotel was beautiful and very close to a lot of main attractions.

The first full day we were there we explored the Churchill War Rooms. These are the rooms that Winston Churchill and the core of the British Government met in to navigate the Second World War. After the war ended, they put everything into the rooms and locked the doors. A few years later when they decided it would become a museum, they set everything back up as it had been. Almost everything in these rooms are original items and were left as they were during the war. It's incredible, and a little erie, to walk the halls people like Churchill walked.

After we got done there, we walked through one of the many parks in London. We came across a bridge and saw a beautiful view of Buckingham Palace (top photo).

We continued on our walk and that brought us to Piccadilly Circus - this is like London's version of Times Square. We found a cute, tiny, local pub for fish and chips and enjoyed some cider. Then we shopped a little and bought our tickets for the Harry Potter play. We walked back through a park that brought us back to the Buckingham for an up close view. We got some pictures of the guards, the gates, and the fountain in front.

The next day we did a day trip to Windsor Castle. It is about an hour drive from London to Windsor, so we got to see a lot of really beautiful countryside. Once we got there, we only got to take pictures of the grounds. We couldn't take photos inside of the staterooms, but they were incredible. There are old apartments (or staterooms) that were redone after a fire and are used for entertaining. Then there are new apartments, were the Queen lives. She was there that day, but we did not see here. We also went through St George's Chapel, which is where Prince Harry and Megan will be married. Before exiting the Castle, we saw a Changing of the Guards. People swarmed to take photos and videos of it. When they are done they yell, "make way for the Queen's Guards" and do not stop for anyone.

The Castle was beautiful, and the town that wrapped around it was just as charming. We had lunch at a fun pub and did some quick shopping before hopping back on the bus.

We happened to be in London over the weekend, so on Sunday we decided to look up a church. I googled "churches in London" and Hillsong popped up! If you are familiar with Hillsong, this is kind of a big deal ;) We were so excited and decided we needed to make this happen! We found the location and realized it was back in the Piccadilly Circus area. It was the same day we planned to see the Harry Potter play, and that theater was right down the street. We would catch church in the morning and then walk a block to our show!

Hillsong Church was insanely incredible. The message, the worship, the diverse congregation... everything! Definitely one of the coolest parts of the trip.

So after church we headed down the block to the Harry Potter play. This was a 2 part show which meant we showed up at 1 for Part 1, left and went to dinner, and then came back at 6 for Part 2. Both were full shows and it was amazing. They did magic tricks and the acting was very well done. The story line was brilliant, captivating, and heart warming. I highly recommend it!

One of our last nights in London, we had a company dinner at Old Billingsgate Market. They did a Beatles theme with live music and dancing. Billingsgate is located close by the London Bridge so we got some nice photos of the 2 of us.

We had a really nice time in London, but we were ready to move on the part 2 of our trip... Edinburgh, Scotland!

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