What I Learned | Spring 2018

IF: Gathering. So much incredible stuff came out of the 2018 IF: Gathering! IF: Gathering is a women's conference with lots of speakers. The theme this year was fanning the flame of faith and building a life that needs God, not being comfortable.

Live an upside-down life. "The Kingdom of Heaven is always opposite of the kingdom of the world." - Rebekah Lyons

Running my race. Christine Caine was one of the many speakers at IF 2018 and her message was on endurance. She gives a very similar sermon in this video here and I highly recommend watching it! She spoke about building endurance and running our race. How if we try to escape every high pressure situation, we wont be able to build that endurance and carry the baton of faith that is being passed to our generation. She then said this: "We are going to miss our own race because we are too busy scrolling through everyone else's on social media. Don't covet someone else's race."

Not being a spectator. Another thing from Christine's message was about the difference between being in the game and being a spectator. There are only a few who pay the price to get onto the field but there are thousands who spectate. Every spectator has an opinion. Just like in sports, there are spectators in church life. "Unless you are in the game with me, I am not interested in your opinion of me." - Christine Caine

Worship. "Your praise is a direct correlation of the prison He has pulled you from." - Bianca Olthoff

London. London is big and beautiful and historic, but has the big city feel. It was a blast seeing historic parts of the city and all of the things linked to Royalty, but it wasn't as charming as we thought it would be. Now, the small countryside cities, thats a different story!

Norah likes shoes. Anybody's shoes. She puts them on, takes them off, walks around in them, changes which pair she is wearing. It's adorable, but just about impossible to find matching shoes in our house thanks to Norah the shoe culprit.

Isaiah does not like shoes. Isaiah insists on being barefoot everywhere. I put shoes on him to go somewhere and by the time we get there he has taken them off. Every time he plays outside, he takes his shoes off. I drop him off in childcare and the first thing he does is take his shoes off. He does not like wearing shoes.

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