2018 Christmas Letter

And just like that we meet the end of another year!

We had a great year with lots of firsts and new experiences.

Isaiah turned 3 in February (so he will be 4 here shortly!!) and got to start preschool this Fall. He goes half days, 2 times a week, and absolutely loves it! He is all about trucks, robots, and the outdoors. Any chance he got this year, regardless of the season, he would ask to be outside. He has also started shooting bow and arrow with Brenton and seems to love it.

Norah turned 2 in November. She loves her baby dolls and her princesses. Norah also absolutely loves to read. She will go sit down by herself with a book and pretend to read it to herself. She sings and dances all the time, and when we get in the car she always requests her favorite songs.

We got to do a lot of traveling this year again. In January, Brenton and I attended a wedding in Mexico. In April, the 2 of us also went to London & Scotland for the very first time. This was a bucket list trip for both of us, so we were very excited about that opportunity. The whole family went to Branson this summer for a family reunion. That week was filled with swimming and laughter.

We attempted a garden on our property this year with some friends. We went all out and put an obnoxious amount of vegetables in the ground. We ended up having way more than we knew what to do with, but it was a fun experience to do with friends!

Brenton spent time this year farthing his education in land & wildlife management. He also harvest 2 nice bucks this hunting season. He still works at Farm Bureau and enjoys it.

I have taken on a new leadership role in women's ministry at our church. This has challenged me, but I have grown a lot from it. I have also joined the worship team, which I have loved!

We hope this letter finds you well and that you have a merry and blessed Christmas!

The Feuchtenbergers

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