Kaua'i, Hawaii | 2019

We recently traveled to Kaua'i with the company Brenton works for. This was the incentive trip this year (aka if they produce well enough throughout the year then they are rewarded with these trips. Yay Brenton!)

We dropped the kiddos with my mom and flew out of Minneapolis on a Thursday afternoon. With the time change, we got to Kaua'i around 8 pm. We picked up our rental jeep and headed to our first hotel. Because it is such a long flight, we decided to extend our stay a few nights and arrive early. We stayed at a different hotel the first few nights on the east side of the island, close to the airport. It was a perfect little hotel. Exactly what we needed. We were hardly there anyways because we love to explore.

We basically hung out on the beach and by the pool the first day to try to recover from the travel day. We found some good local food and some shaved ice! This is a must if you are in Hawaii. We did this when we went to Maui too.

Because we were there over a weekend, we decided to find a church and attend a service on Sunday. We did just a little bit of research online and found one that was really close to the hotel we would be staying at next. So on our way to the second hotel, we stop for some worship! We attended church at Kauai Christian Fellowship. Everyone was very welcoming and it was fun to attend church on the island. We have definitely enjoyed making this a part of our travel experience! If we are somewhere on a Sunday, we will find a local church. (A girl from the church wrote a musical called His Story that's pretty cool. Check it out here!)

After church we went and got checked in at the second hotel. This is where we met up with the rest of the company. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kaua'i, and this place was huge!

We had quite a bit of rain one day so we decided to get in the jeep and drive around. We headed to the Waimea Canyon State Park. This is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The drive reminded me a lot of the road to Hana on Maui. A lot of tight turns and cliffs. It was pretty incredible and definitely something worth doing if you are ever on Kaua'i.

The Grand Hyatt is on the south side of the island so on another day we decided to drive all the way to the north shore. This was absolutely my favorite day. The views we took in were absolutely breathtaking. The panoramic shot above was our favorite and I think the most beautiful thing either one of us had ever seen. Hanalei Bay is the beach in the bottom right of the picture. We drove down there and soaked up the sun for the day.

A lot of movies have been filmed on Kaua'i (including the Jurassic Park movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Just Go With It, George of the Jungle, and a whole bunch more). Driving to the north shore is when we got to see the jungle side of Kaua'i. I think I would recommend staying on the north side. It might be more expensive because it definitely seemed like it was the most well-kept part of the island, but it was so beautiful!

Another thing we did while we were there was take surf lessons! We did this through Kauai Surf School, and we loved it! Brenton and I each caught about a dozen waves. I give major credit to people who surf! I had zero control over my board so I seriously admire people who do. Our instructor stood in waist high water and would push us into a wave. It is very different than they portray it in movies. "Pop up" is what I remember hearing in a movie. Move fast. But that is the opposite of what we were taught that day. The slower you move the better, plant your feet firmly, and keep your eyes up. We will totally (said with a surfer accent) be surfing again!

At our fair-well dinner with the company we had a private concert with the Beach Boys. During dinner, one of the Beach Boys (I can't remember which one... oops) came around and was greeting people. I had no clue who he was. I just thought he was someone from the company, until everyone started pulling out their phones to take pictures of him. Then I realized, "oh, this is probably someone I should know." So I guess I have met a Beach Boy..?

It was a beautiful vacation. We absolutely loved Kaua'i and without a doubt will be going back someday.

- Rent a car.
- Don't bother staying in a fancy hotel (unless you love pools, you wont be spending much time at your hotel anyways). Maybe Airbnb or VRBO??
- Visit the north shore.
- Surf (biased opinion).
- Ask locals about food or do your research to find the best places to eat that are off the beaten path
- Use lots of sunscreen (that Hawaii sun is HOT).
- Bring junky shoes that you can hike to waterfalls in. We didn't bring the right stuff to do this and it was something we missed out on. Most of the treks are muddy, but pretty decent hikes.
- Visit the Na Pali Coast. We didn't have time to do this and the only way you can see it is by helicopter or boat. A lot of people we were with did the helicopter tour and said it was the coolest thing they had ever done. It is definitely on our list for next time!


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